Feb 05

Gangnam Style dance 6189m over the ocean

4th of October 2012 there probably was a world record in dancing Gangnam Style at high altitude. When Hi On Life’s expedition danced Gangnam Style at the top of Island Peak (6189m over the ocean) in the Himalayas. You could think that they could have danced a little bit more and with their whole body, but when you look at 2:39 in the movie, you see that they didn’t have much space to move on and then I would also be a little bit more careful with my dancing.

Dec 21

Gangnam Style dance has been viewed a billion times on YouTube

In November it passed Justin Biebers “Baby” as the most viewed video on YouTube ever.

Now the Gangnam Style dance video has been viewed a billion times on YouTube

There is no stopping it now and why should there? It’s a great song and a really funny video.


Sep 26

Swedish Gangnam Style parody

One of the best Gangnam Style parody videos is made by Arr (the party group of the reception for Medieteknik at KTH in Sweden). Really funny. Now it’s interesting to see if other universities will take the challenge and make similar parodies of Gangnam Style. May the best student win.

Sep 26

Britney Spears learns Gangnam Style dance from Psy

Britney Spears tweeted “I am LOVING this video – so fun! Thinking that I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?! haha”, and of course Ellen took the bait and invited her to her show where Psy peronally showed her how to dance the Gangnam Style dance.

Sep 26

Practice to dance Gangnam Style before a flash mob

The following video is good to use, if you plan to participate in a flash mob and need to practice to dance Gangnam Style before you go to it.

Sep 26

Gangnam Style flash mob Stockholm at “Plattan”, Sweden

Flash mobs that dance Gangnam Style pops up everywhere, so also in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Saturday 22 of September there was a flash mob that danced to Gangnam Style at “Plattan” in Stockholm.

Below is a selection of videos from that event. 400 were there and danced. Over 2700 said in the Facebook group that they would come, but it is hard to estimate how many were there totally. They sound at the flash mob could have been better, but you can read from comments that people had a great time anyway.

Officiell video from KpopNonstop (who organized):

Other videos:

Sep 26

Baby Gangnam Style parody feat. Baby Psy and LA Moms

Funny Gangnam Style parody with cute babies and their moms that dance to Gangnam Style song.

Sep 26

Korean girls dance to Gangnam Style

Here is a video of five Korean girls that dance to Gangnam Style. It is easy to see the steps, so you can use this video as an instruction how to dance Gangnam Style. For example if you want to practice for a Gangnam Style flash mob in your city.

Sep 26

Gangnam Style wedding video

This wedding couple wanted to do something extra for the wedding day, so they created a wedding video where they replayed the whole Gangnam Style video. Very well done and funny (they had help from a professional company in making the video).

Sep 26

How to dance Gangnam Style Tutorial with PSY and Michelle Park

Here is a great tutorial if you want to learn how to dance Gangnam Style. It’s Psy himself that shows the dance and explains the steps for Michelle Park.


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